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This is the best CBD we've ever tried! At 1600 mg per oz it's more than FIVE TIMES stronger than our previous regular strength oils and boy can we feel it! The reviews are starting away and we are so glad so many others share our enthusiasm. Like all Lava Love CBD the plants are grown in volcanic soil under pristing mountain-stream fed conditions in the paradise setting of Sisters, Oregon. We consider this the finest CBD available today due to those growing conditions on our partner growers' organic and sustainable family-owned farm. Thoroughly third party tested for potentcy and purity under Oregon's strictest-in-the-nation laws (so you can rest assured your product is what it says it is and works the way it's supposed to). We get daily reviews about how great it is for calming anxiety, panic attacks, pain, boosting mood and. helping inflammation. And now you can get the potentcy in an 8 oz bottle in one carry-along size 1 oz. Start with just a few drops held under the tongue for 90 seconds and then swall. Slowly build to a quarter dropper once or twice per day. You can use more for more serious conditions. This one contains zero THC (broad spectrum CBD) but works JUST as well for the conditions above we were pleased to discover. Read our ABOUT page to learn more about Lava Love. We lava you!

Serenity CBD 1600 mg 1 oz

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