Eating healthy but getting heavier and/or sicker feeling no matter what you try?


Let us troubleshoot your current diet and show you exactly why it is not working for you. After an initial 50-minute session you will receive an action plan as well as a full recipe file and links to other free or inexpensive resources that will help you transform your current plan into one that is working for you. Results with compliance include balanced weight, better moods, better digestion, better energy.


Not only will we take your health history, analyze your diet and send you a 3-4 item list of suggestions on how to begin your transition to a health-promoting plant-based diet along with other resources you will also receive a 20-minute follow up 1-2 weeks later to check and see how you are doing and fine tune even further. It works when you work it and the results are worth the effort!


This is how long-term vegans are made!







Vegan Repair Program

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