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Lava Love Announces it's New Line of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil!

Lava Love Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Don't let back-to-school/work season stress you out! Lava Love is pleased to announce the release of a new line of full spectrum vegan & organic CBD Oil!

Let us help you calm your nerves and focus your mind during this busy season!

Our whole plant extract hemp oil retains its natural terpenes, cannabinoids and fatty acids rather than being a CBD isolate, which is a purified extract that has been stripped of many of these natural elements.

Because Lava Love CBD is full spectrum, it is more effective at a lower dose (for pain and anxiety relief and many other health issues) than an isolate would be. In fact, CBD isolates have lower effectiveness at higher doses than full-spectrum hemp oil products.

Within a full spectrum hemp oil, the cannabinoids and terpenes provide a synergistic effect - also known as the “entourage effect.” That means that the interaction between the two creates amplified effects while providing added relief to specific conditions.

While we believe a healthy diet and lifestyle is of supreme importance in healing and preventing disease, our customers report that Lava Love full spectrum hemp oil is shown to help alleviate the following conditions:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Chronic pain

  • Fibromyalgea

  • Pain and mood disturbances reported with Lyme disease

  • Nervousness/stress and overwhelm

  • GI distress including gastritis

  • Fatigue

  • MS


Made it this far?

Save 50 % on your first bottle of 8 oz CBD by using code Half7 on our 8 oz page. Click here.

Did you know that CBD oil is also well known for helping seizure disorders and epilepsy? (See the CNN doc below that details the effectiveness of full spectrum CBD oil in treating epilepsy and other illnesses).

Here is an article that details many of the medical conditions where CBD oil has been reported as helpful: CBD and Health

And here is a little testimonial Lava Love creator Elisabeth Dunham wrote about this product after she used it to dramatically alleviate some lingering Lyme and GI issues and anxiety. She compared it to other brands and found this particular one was the very best she tried. "Like a soothing coating for the nervous system..."

Elisabeth's experience:

Lava Love full spectrum hemp oil (CBD) has radically transformed my life in just a few months – so many lingering Lyme symptoms gone. So far the benefits I have noticed include:

-Vastly reduced anxiety

-Happier moods

-No more major panic attacks (while driving or otherwise)

-Fewer headaches/Lyme encephalitis caused by food sensitivities

-Healing of the gut (alleviated my occasional gastritis)

-Reduction of nerve pain and numbness in limbs.

-Reduction of food allergies and sensitivities

-More energy and happier / content / balanced (more serotonin)

-Physical balance improved

-Much more productive throughout day

-Better digestion

-Able to eat a wider range of fruit and other raw foods without a negative reaction so helps me stay on track with my eating as do the profound emotional benefits.

I’ve tried other well-known brands and nothing feels as lovely and relieving to my nervous system as this particular full spectrum oil grown in France - like a salve or coating for the nerves.

I only carry or develop products that have helped me on a deep level along my health journey and I would say so far this particular full spectrum hemp oil is up there in the top three along with a raw/high raw foods alkaline diet and natural detoxification with healing clays (Lava Love soaps, soaks and masks).

Also our CBD oil contains less than .03 percentage of THC, so it’s not psychoactive in any way but it does help you relax and enjoy happier moods.

THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana and I cannot tolerate it at all. There is no high with Lava Love CBD oil (but there are plenty of THC stores in Portland that can help you with that if that is what you are looking for!)

The site is up and taking orders! Visit us today and save.


I love the fact that the plants in our Lava Love full spectrum hemp oil is grown in metamorphic soil, which is soil made from the weathering of schist, slat or snesis – all rocks that were originally sedimentary or igneous but were transformed by pressure and heat beneath the earth’s surface. So we love the Mother Earth / volcanic tie-in to our Lava Love brand. We also included terpenes or flavors of plants that grow native in the high desert of Central Oregon, where Lava Love was created: lavender-mint and mountain blueberry as well as a natural hemp flavor.

Below are some YouTube videos about the benefits of CBD in healing the human body. Still a work in progress but here are a few:


Doctors Talk about CBD

Is CBD for You?

Benefits of CBD Laid out

The Weed Documentary on CNN

With love,

Elisabeth at Lava Love

To order visit.

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