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Five Ways to Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder

The darker months are upon us! So we're sending out a friendly reminder about some ways to avoid the Winter Blues - aka Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD as it's known.

Did you know that Lava Love full spectrum hemp oil is just one of the ways to vastly increase your serotonin in winter?

This is one of the articles that convinced us of what we were already feeling minutes after taking it. But there are a variety of supplements and actions you can take this winter to feel better fast!

1. Take your Vitamin D. This is one of the main nutrients we are missing in winter as the sun goes away. This vitamin is made from cholesterol in your skin when it’s exposed to the sun. The Vitamin D, in turn, triggers the production of serotonin, the so-called “joy neurotransmitter.” So when the sun goes away be sure to get your D levels checked and/or take 2,000-5,000 IUs daily. The darker the pigment of your skin, the more you need. Again, along with all of its other immune-boosting benefits Vitamin D immediately boosts serotonin, which is why we feel so mellow and happy when our skin has contact with the sun during the warmer months. And that brings us to item No. 2.

2. Sunlight. Get away to somewhere warm in the winter OR (if your skin type is not fair) hop in a tanning booth for 10 minutes - even just once a month will do wonders for the mood! That's right: Just 10 minutes in the sun or in a tanning bed will give you more than 30,000 IUs of Vitamin D (hard to find those levels in a supplement), which in turn stimulates your body to produce that happy neurotransmitter, serotonin.

3. Along with a health-promoting diet rich in vibrantly colored plants be sure to take your other vitamins! My personal favorites for combatting Seasonal Affective Disorder: A good multi B vitamin such as Megafoods brand, a methyl (must be methyl version) of B12 (at least 1,000 mcg per day) and a vegan or non vegan DHA supplement. DHA must come from fish or the food they eat (algae) to be effective for mood, according to various studies. It’s a must-take supplement even at plant-based central: True North Health in Santa Rosa. (Among the other things we learned there: You can’t get the right kind of DHA for mood/combatting depression from other plants such as flax and chia). Just to repeat: DHA must come from fish or the food they eat (algae). Nordic Naturals brand produces both vegan and non-vegan DHA.

4. Exercise. Boosts the mood better than just about anything. So get out there and walk or dance or lift weights. Whatever you can do in winter … this will help.

5. Best immediate mood boost we know of? Full Spectrum Hemp Oil CBD. Even if you don’t buy Lava Love be sure to buy a FULL SPECTRUM hemp that contains CBD - and never a CBD isolate. Full spectrum includes the broad array of constituents, including CBD that work together to immediately lift the mood and quell anxiety and pain thanks to the release of serotonin it causes. This is no longer just our (and our customers’) observation but scientific fact thanks to numerous studies on the subject. Many of us feel it immediately – in as little as 5 minutes - and for some of us it takes a few days. But the impact is so great on the mood and for quelling anxiety and chronic pain (which also leads to bad moods) that we would not dream of going through another gray winter without it. There are so many other health benefits that help the mood and you can read about those on About and Blogs pages at

We’re so grateful to have CBD products this time of year to even out the moods and bring down anxiety and pain.

Along with a plant rich diet CBD is the one supplement that seems to heal and improve so many health issues that it’s become a must-have in our herb shelf.

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