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What People are Saying About Lava Love CBD

Raw Foods and CBD Save the Day Post Knee Surgery

I’ve been using Lava Love for a little over a month. I went through my first bottle really quickly because I had ACL (knee) surgery. And thanks to Lava Love CBD oil I was able to get off the pain medicine by day 2.

I found that while I was taking the Percocet my pain was off the charts and I was having this breakthrough pain at hour three. I was already taking the maximum dose and I was panicking a little bit. I called the nurse and she told me to take the wrapping off my knee.

I did that and I was able to get the ice a little closer to the skin. Then I added in ibuprofen and acetaminophen for the next 10 hours.

I was awake the whole time and the pain was “loud.” I was taking some CBD but decided to rely on it (only) and get off the pain medicine. As long as I was able to keep the ice against the skin (while taking the Lava Love CBD) immediately the sensation of pain changed.

With the Lava Love CBD I became aware of different sensations, none of which I would describe as pain. It was a warm sensation of healing that I was experiencing.

I felt instantly more clear headed. I had been so fuzzy headed that I would have to count out the pills in the bottles six times. It was crazy making. Before Lava Love CBD, I couldn’t even keep my pain-dosing schedule straight. I was so addled. And people around me were just telling me to take more pain meds.

Luckily, I instantly felt better when I made that decision to use only Lava Love CBD for the pain. I was bracing myself to feel some really serious pain. And I felt NONE.

Sanity soon returned and I could experience healing. I wasn’t just a passive victim to the trauma of surgery and coming out of anesthesia – all of that makes you very vulnerable and emotional.

And the Lava Love CBD oil just eased that transition and really helped me weather all of the blowback and trauma from the surgery and it’s helped me heal too so I wasn’t knotted up the whole time.

I was also drinking a lot of green juices and switched over to the raw/fermented foods that I eat most of the year to give my body every opportunity to heal.

I wanted to try Lava Love because I had heard great things about it and used it for my PMDD and I start it about mid month to deal with that whole shit storm (laughing) and it helps. Lava love has been consistent for that so it’s in my medicine cabinet.

A bonus: No depression or irrational thinking before or during my period. I used to get really serious symptoms and they would peak before my period. But I was taking the Lava Love CBD oil and: nothing. I didn’t even see it coming. It was nuts!

-Sara Munson, 51, Portland OR.

(Sara's Twin Sister, Em, another raw food enthusiast, also uses Lava Love and reports the following: “I use lava love cbd oil- I love it! It's so good to soothe nervous tension, smooth moods, and helps ease the pain of osteoarthritis! I also love the lava love soap- it’s an excellent exfoliant; I use it before shaving my legs.”)

Immediate Help for Veteran

For many years I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety.

I met Elisabeth at a vegan (potluck). I had recently gotten out of the hospital and my friends at the party suggested I try the CBD.

And when I did within minutes I couldn’t believe how my anxiety lessened and I felt a feeling of clarity for the first time in my life. There are no side effects and it just reduces the anxiety and tensions you feel as the result of your depression.

I highly recommend using CBD. It changed my life. And I think it will change a lot of other people’s lives.I suffer from childhood PTSD and I also served in the military and endured some things that happened during my time overseas and so with that I also suffer from PTSD as well.

After many hospitalizations and trying to deal with my depression and using western medicine to try deal with that the effect of using CBD was just immediate result with no side effects at all.

In fact, Lava Love CBD had just increased my ability to live life fully and continue to grow.

Now I’m back in college and finishing my graduate degree. My anxiety and depression had altered my ability to move forward and (Lava Love) CBD has given me the ability to reduce my stress and maintain my focus.

Absolutely I would recommend this to other veterans.

I'm a product of the VA system. You may have heard stories about the VA and their ability to issue medication to deal with anxiety and depression, which has been controversial.

Lava Love CBD is an easy-to-access and healthy way to take a natural medicine for such things as depression and anxiety.

-Troy Fluke in Portland OR

Anxiety and Panic Deleted

A year ago I had ordered Lava Love detox soap, which is wonderful. So when I noticed they had a Lava Love CBD oil I said, ‘I gotta try it.’

The day I got the bottle in the mail I had to go to a wake by myself, a 45-minute drive from my home. It was some place I had never been before. I put a few drops under my tongue and I left.

Normally (suffering from anxiety and panic attacks) I would get very anxious on a drive like this, even panicky.

But when I arrived at the wake I was in complete awe that I was calm. I was content. I hadn’t panicked on single bit. I thought ‘What is going on here?’

So I kept taking Lava Love CBD oil, increasing it a little bit every day. It has changed my life. I can’t say enough about it. I am convinced this is going to enhance my every day well being.

I have now worked with my physician to cut back on my medications for anxiety and I have no doubt I will be off those - and I couldn’t be happier about that.

And the CBD oil seems to be helping my psoriasis. The (other) thing is the secondary benefits I’m seeing: I sleep better, I feel better about myself and I’m getting out there and enjoying life. I wake up excited about the day!

I can’t praise Lava Love enough. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you. You have an amazing product and a customer for life.

-Tracy Front in Rochester, NY

Migraine Stopped Dead in its Tracks!

If you're wondering about the affects of Lava Love CBD Oil...wonder no more!!Lava Love CBD saves the day!

I arrived at work at 7:30 am today and around 8:30 am I began to feel the all too familiar symptoms of the "onset of a migraine."

For those that don't know: Your vision becomes distorted, text blocks out and reading is nearly impossible, slight pressure on the temples, and what I call "squigglies" in my peripheral vision. All very funky and distorted visual perception...and while working at a computer, or any work at all, extremely uncomfortable.

In my days of alcohol and drug addiction Valium was my go to medicine to cure these onsets.

That was okay then, but not these days. In sobriety, I have found that a quiet, dark room helps and that I need to relax in such surroundings for 30 minutes or more and sometimes it's a fix and other times not so much.

But today was different because I had my Lava Love CBD Oil with me - and I always have it with me!

So I found myself a dark, quiet room, popped a dropper full of LAVA LOVE and within 5 minutes (yes, 5 minutes) my symptoms were gone. For real, people! I sit here at work typing this message to let you know I am a believer in the powers of this naturally healthy medicine. Ok, gotta get back to work! Thanks Elisabeth Dunham!

-Ruth Harnisch in Portland, Oregon

Chronic Anxiety Gone

I've been taking Lava Love CBD oil now for a little over a year. My chronic anxiety issues have gone from 60 to zero as CBD truly rewires the brain if you use it consistently for a time. I didn't believe it at first but now, even though I don't take the oil daily, I have the same mellow feeling I used to get - all the time - even on days I don't take it. (i.e. it heals the nervous system over time). This has been life changing as I can now stay calm through adversity and be a support to others. Among other benefits of taking Lava Love CBD oil:

-I am more confident and outgoing. (Stress and anxiety are so harmful for the body and I am so grateful I don't have these issues any more).

-It's a great support to me while cleansing and detoxing my body as it takes the edge off while supplying essential fatty acids.

-I've given bottles as gifts to friends who all say it puts them in a great mood with no drowsiness or "high."

-My doglets all take Lava Love CBD daily and are in exceptional health despite being ten and older. I have seen improvement in energy, fur and arthritis since adding it to their routine. They love the taste and line up to lick it off my hand. Great company - enthusiastically recommend!

-Natalie Lenka, 34, in Bradley Beach, New Jersey (pictured with Ella)

Easing Anxiety, Stress and Menopausal Symptoms

I have been struggling with high levels of anxiety, restless sleep and symptoms of menopause for the better part of a year. I'm also going through some major life upheavals, plus I own a high stress business.

I eat plantbased vegan and follow a healthy, holistic lifestyle, but couldn't conquer the underlying, ever present anxiety. Have followed Elisabeth’s advice for several years and she hasn't steered me wrong yet. So when I saw her results with Lava Love CBD Oil, I jumped on it .

Day 1, ½ dropper am. and pm. Ahhhhh. Calm. Quiet Peace. Nothing else has changed in my life, but adding this has quelled my tense, chattery thoughts. My rampant food cravings have been significantly reduced.

My weird hip pain has improved. My sleep better. I'm calmer, happier, mellower and definitely more positive. Even after 2 months, the results are just as positive. All this has allowed me to stay on my game with work without completely losing it. I am so grateful for Elisabeth, Lava Love and CBD oil. -Martha Walters in Concord, NH[if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Help with anxiety and mood

I have been using Lava Love CBD oil daily for over a month.

I originally bought it to help with my anxiety and depression.

Within days I started to realize how calm I felt, how I was experiencing joy during my day in things that hadn't brought me joy for years.

Things that seemed impossible before - like folding laundry or cleaning my bathroom - increasingly felt simpler and more rewarding to get done.

I know these may seem like small things but anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression will understand the difficulties these "simple" tasks can bring when you aren't well.

Lava Love CBD oil has made these things possible for me again.

Is it perfect everyday? Heck no! But there are more good days than bad, more joy than sadness, more clearness and less fog.

Not only has this oil helped me with my mental state but I started to feel results in other places. My lower back pain went from a pain level of 6-7 down to a 2-3, my hunger cues became clearer and I felt fuller after meals. It has been so amazing to feel these benefits from a plant-based product, without having to feel intoxicated one bit. I can't praise this product enough! Thank you!

Ruthie Kirkpatrick in Rochester, Washington

Help with social anxiety, weight and pain

“The hemp oil takes away my social anxiety plus it helps me stick to my diet for all the energy, etc.”

“I also had four wisdom teeth removed this week and took no painkillers or antibiotics - just the Lava Love CBD oil, peppermint oil, baxtrex, echinecea, golden seal, oil of oregano, vitamin C and juices. And I’m alive! But the CBD is the biggest help as I apply it to my gums every two hours.”

“Lava Love Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD) oil has fixed my body and mind in so many ways! It has made me more connected to myself and to my goals. It has helped me override my anxiety (social and food related) to excel at my job and once again, social life. And I'm gaining and retaining muscle easier than I ever have before in my life!”

-Rachel Messina in Newton Square, Pennsylvania

Augmenting a Raw Food Diet with Hemp for Anxiety

Raw foodists are put on a pedestal like nothing is ever going to get to us and that we are never going to get sick or anxious.

But we do get anxious. I suffer with what I believe is high functioning anxiety. I worry about every little thing.

I’m a photographer and when I go to shoot a wedding I’m nervous and triple checking. I have this anxiety that is heightened.

The raw diet has definitely helped with anxiety. When I was eating the standard North American diet I had (even more) anxiety. But it never goes away completely. Raw food doesn’t take away life’s stresses.

So my friend said “You need to try some CBD oil.”

I started taking it and was really surprised at the calmness I felt. The zen. It was much easier to deal with stressful personal stuff in my life. The raw food helps a lot. But it’s only one tool.

So I tried the CBD oil and I was super calm after and felt like I could deal with situations better.

So I keep my bottle of Lava Love CBD oil on my desk and I try to take it every day or when I feel like I’m starting to get anxiety or I start to feel like my brain is going to overthink things. And I don’t overthink things as much.

(How it helps with stress eating)

I have this past of not feeling good enough. I put all of my all into everything I do and don’t say no enough. I am working on it. In the past if I was not feeling good enough I would think of a billion reasons why and I would binge and eat crappy junk food to feel better.

Now if I get into one of those states and I take the CBD I don’t get those cravings. The CBD calms and balances the mind and I don’t go into those crazy binge thoughts where you want to curl up in a ball. I’m more focused. Raw foods and CBD combined is like euphoria!

-Melissa Raimondi @rawfoodromance in Edmonton, Alberta

Help with longterm chronic illness and pain

I've suffered with chronic severe spinal pain, muscle spasms, migraines and insomnia since 2009.

Being young with chronic severe pain wasn't easy and the stress to perform like a normal functional person gave me severe anxiety later turning into depression.

Making it through my day is a struggle and as a single mom I have no option to accept failure.

I started taking Lava Love full spectrum CBD oil about three weeks ago. Instantly, I felt calmer, my mood was more stable and I felt like I wasn't going to start crying over little things.

I stopped taking the anxiety/sleeping medication I was recently prescribed because I found that the Lava Love Full Spectrum (CBD) oil was efficient in helping me get back to sleep and stay asleep. I wasn't waking up with as many headaches. I'm now taking 1/4 the Tylenol I used to take daily.

I have had five abdominal surgeries. I have one kidney, a defective hernia mesh in my stomach and I suffered internal bleeding post hernia repair surgery which they never found a cause for. The Lava Love Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD) is helping me make it through my day by providing me with a greater quality if life. I'm so grateful to Lava Love for their wonderful oil.

I am also sleeping better, which decreases my pain, muscle spasms and migraines.

(And last but not least) Lava Love has also helped the muscle spasms I get in my diaphragm to be less severe and even reduced the amount of spasms I'm getting because I'm getting more rest now.

-Kay B. in Portland, Oregon

Pain, PMS and Headaches Relieved

Three months ago I started using Lava Love full spectrum hemp oil (CBD) by (@lavaloveusa on Instagram) and thought I’d share my initial insights with you. I’m really impressed with the magic of this product.

My original intention was to use it for PMS but it’s been a major help for me with multiple things including:

-My sprained wrist. Lava Love CBD helped me not only with pain relief with my sprained wrist, but I believe it’s helping me heal faster (coupled with an anti-inflammatory diet and rest). It would be throbbing and I’d have trouble falling asleep at night, but the CBD would numb it out so I could relax.

-PMS. The first day of my cycle can bring with it some pretty horrible cramps - but rubbing the CBD oil on my lower abdomen helps immensely. I was ingesting it for my wrist but found that applying it topically works just as good! (For anyone concerned

- Lava Love CBD contains zero THC, so you don’t get high - it just reduces inflammation and anxiety).

-Tension headaches. The fall that sprained my wrist also caused some other issues and I’ve been having awful tension headaches. I tried taking the oil internally for the headaches but it didn’t quite work. The headaches were still super painful. BUT I applied two drops of oil on the back of my neck and the pain went away almost instantly!

I’ve found that I like using it topically the best. I haven’t used pain medication in 5/6 yrs and although I’ve been ok and learned a lot about sitting with pain as a teacher, this is something I will use. It’s natural and the only side effect I’ve noticed is if I take too much I feel a bit sluggish the next day.

Also if I take it internally everyday and stop, there’s a slight detox period. But I’ve felt zero side effects from using it topically and it works fast. It’s so nice to have something I trust. I’ll keep you posted on how my relationship with it evolves. I think I’m going to try using it on my dog Gabby next. I spilled some on the floor and she licked the spot for a half hour after...couldn’t get enough!! Thanks to my friend Elisabeth at Lava Love for making and sharing all of your amazing products with us! Have your tried it?

-Ashley Lauren (aka Miss Naturally Ashley) in British Columbia

Help with Social Anxiety and Mood

It’s been several months since I posted a series of updates on my 20 y/o daughters experience with Lavaloveusa cbd oil. The changes have been profound-

-She no longer suffers the severe anxiety and depression which had been present for 5 years. - is able to work without the extreme paranoia out in public and now has a 6 day week position in a busy Italian cafe/bar/restaurant which she loves ! -has developed relationships with a large circle of people and made friends whereas previously was more housebound and introverted None of these things were possible before. and her symptoms were escalating. she was at that point of not really wanting to be here -despair and utter hopelessness

These changes are simply amazing and there are many more roll on effects- the positivity and innate sense of happiness she now has, she is now her true self as she was before the onset of all this The release from unfounded fears, they’re a terrible thing for a teenager- for anyone- and for a mother, there are no more nightmares or long nights sitting up by her bed for fear she’d self harm, powerless to action her healing through so many methods from antidepressants to natural medicine none of which worked

We are both so incredibly grateful to Elisabeth Dunham who has been there for her every step of the way. our relief is enormous- it has changed life so much for us both

The other amazing thing is that this cbd oil is cumulative- Elisabeth can maybe explain this in more detail - but we no longer need the half dropperful every few days - this dropped off after only a few weeks and she has gone for a month with none at all.

We will never forget the first time she took it- we’d waited for it to arrive in Australia from the US - it had got stuck in Miami for some reason and returned so Elisabeth sent us out another immediately at her own expense. we were so desperate for help at that stage When it finally arrived, it was only within half an hour that her anxiety began to ebb and in an hour it had completely lifted, and there she was It was stunning - I would not have believed it possible

If you wish for more info you can contact Elisabeth Dunham Lavaloveusa

-Susanna in Australia

Finding Stress Relief with LL Hemp Oil

“I take Lava Love Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) oil for systemic inflammation and for relief of stress/anxiety. I feel that this plant (hemp) has a lot to teach us. I have found that when I take the oil regularly I have significantly fewer aches and pains. I'm also much better able to manage the stresses of daily life in this hectic, polluted world. Being in less pain and being less stressed makes it easier for me to reach out and to make the effort to help make this a better, more healthy world for all who inhabit it.”

– Melissa Ripley in Washington Stat

Help with Severe Spinal Pain, Migraines

I've suffered with chronic severe spinal pain, muscle spasms, migraines and insomnia since 2009. Being young with chronic severe pain wasn't easy and the stress to perform like a normal functional person gave me severe anxiety later turning into depression. Making it through my day is a struggle and as a single mom I have no option to accept failure.

I started taking Lava Love full spectrum CBD oil about three weeks ago. Instantly, I felt calmer, my mood was more stable and I felt like I wasn't going to start crying over my little thing. I stopped taking the anxiety/sleeping medication I was recently prescribed because I found that the CBd oil was efficient in helping me get back to sleep and stay asleep. I wasn't waking up with as many headaches. I'm now taking 1/4 the Tylenol I used to take daily.

-Kay B. In Portland, OR.

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