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Mercola: High Carb Low Fat Now Good / Keto Unhealthy Longterm. (We’re Not Kidding)

When you Google Dr. Mercola you may find your screen flooded with headlines like Why Keto Works and Your Guide to the Keto Diet.

Dr. Mercola's net worth has been estimated to be around $100 million, making him one of the most powerful proponents of the keto diet in history.

So it turned more than a few heads lately when Dr. Mercola, one off the biggest keto proponents on the planet, did an about face that is beyond shocking.

He came out in interviews recently stating pretty categorically that the keto diet doesn't seem to work well longterm and may actually be dangerous for human health.

Not shocking enough? He went on to state that a high carb diet with fat accounting for less than 30 percent of total daily calories might be the healthiest diet of all.

And the cherry on top of the nice cream sundae: He went as far as to acknowledge that there is nothing scientifically wrong with consuming pure cane sugar in the diet and that recent studies are bearing that out.

Score One for Durianrider! He's been shouting this from the rooftops for ages. Even the plant-based diet doctors won't touch the latest pro-sugar research out of Harvard with a ten-foot poll.

This is not something any of us in the health world - from vegans to carnivores - ever saw coming in our lifetime.

Turns out it's the high fat/high protein foods causing the health problems and not carbs and not - gasp! - cane sugar, according to Mercola.

Now it would have been nice if he could have gone even further and said the words "I was wrong" and apologized for being single handedly responsible for pushing the keto diet for years and years, a diet that not only harms millions of animals but also harms humans in terms of directly leading to our top three major killers - heart disease, cancer and COPD (yes animal products are the main contributing factor to COPD).

And it would be nice if he could take down his hundreds of articles pushing a low carb diet on a worldwide audience.

But hey, admitting you missed the mark on the foundational "truths" of your health empire is a start, right? And of course he's unleashing this on the world slowly - in video interviews only - kinda backing into admitting the mistake super over time so maybe nobody will notice?

We notice!

So let's go through what he's been saying recently (again only in video interviews not in print as far as we can find).

Keep in mind that Dr. Mercola is a well-known figure in the health and wellness industry, having written many books and articles on various health topics.

He made most of his enormous fortune as a proponent of the low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet for many years, selling supplements that support his low carb theories and suggestions, but recently he has shifted his stance to support a high-carb diet.

Mercola has now stated that he believes a high-carb diet can be beneficial.

He recommends that people consume up to 70% of their daily calories from carbohydrates, with the remaining 30% coming from protein and fat.

Wait. What? This is the same guy who has written what seems like trillions of articles talking about how bad sugar and carbs are tantamount to nutritional evil.

This change in stance has caused some controversy in the health and wellness community, with many people questioning the validity of Mercola's claims.

Critics argue that a high-carb diet can lead to insulin resistance, weight gain, and other health issues.

However, Mercola has defended his position, stating that a high-carb diet can be healthy if the carbohydrates come from whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

He also emphasizes the importance of consuming adequate amounts of fiber to promote gut health and overall wellness.

Despite the controversy, Mercola remains a popular figure in the health and wellness industry, and his latest stance on the high-carb diet is sure to generate further discussion and debate.

As always, it is important to do your own research and consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your diet or lifestyle. We have to throw that in, right?

But this is certainly a big development. Can't wait to hear what Dr. John McDougall, author of the Starch Solution and a proponent of a high carb low fat diet for nearly 50 years, has to say about this.

Our suggestion: "I told you so."

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